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Health Academy Teachers
  Shannon Carr (925) 685-8414 ex: 2408 Teacher
  Ray Lucas (925) 685-8414 ex: 2307 Teacher
  Jonathan McGonagle (925) 685-8414 ex: 2406 Teacher

Health Academy

Ygnacio Valley Health Science Academy

Information Sheet


What is an Academy program?

The Health Science Academy at Ygnacio Valley High School is a rigorous academic program that integrates academics and health career-themed experiences, which connect school to students’ futures.



how the body works • how to help people • sports medicine • emergency medicine • science & technology • history of healthcare • ethics • medical terminology • first aid & CPR


         What are Academy benefits?

Real Experience     Students have the opportunity to volunteer weekly at John Muir Health. Students in their junior year are introduced to CPR and First Aid.

Field Trips                 Students visit local hospitals and medical related businesses to experience and better understand the varied careers of the medical field.

Guest Speakers      The Academy hosts a variety of guest speakers that help students learn firsthand from professionals in healthcare.

Teachers & Peers The academy is organized as a small learning community which allows students to develop ongoing relationships with teachers and peers.

Job Shadowing       Students job shadow a professional in a health care setting enabling them to see first hand their chosen health care field.

E-Mentoring             Professionals are matched with students to teach firsthand about specific requirements for a specialized career.


         What are the academic advantages?

Class Size                With smaller classes (maximum of 25-30), students and teachers know each other better and teachers give students more individual attention and instruction.

Core Teachers        Academy teachers are committed to our program and the success of our students. Having the same teacher for two or three years allows teachers to recognize the needs and skills of each individual student, and closely monitor each student’s progress. Teachers also offer pre-honors, honors, and Advanced Placement sections.

Curriculum               Academy courses make connections across academic subjects, link students’ learning to experience, and apply what students learn in a variety of real world situations.


What is HOSA?

HOSA                         HOSA is a co-curricular pre-professional organization that motivates students to become better healthcare providers through leadership, skills development, and community involvement.


For more information, please contact Ms. Carr (925) 685-8414 ext. 2468