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Graduation Information

2022 Graduation Information

Tickets: Each Graduate will be given up to twenty tickets to graduation- every person 10 and older will need a ticket in order to enter. Any graduate who needs additional tickets will need to submit a request to the Vice-Principal’s office. Tickets will be distributed with Cap and Gowns during Brunch and Lunch starting WEDNESDAY, MAY 25. No requests will be accepted until this time.


Graduation Rehearsal: Rehearsal is on Friday, May 27 from 10:00am-12:00pm at the Concord Pavilion. Please be on time; if we finish early, we leave early. Performers and speakers need to be prepared for microphone level setting and a review of the order performances and speakers. If you are planning on wearing heels to graduation, please wear the shoes you will wear during graduation so that you can practice walking the stage. Students will need to arrange their own transportation to and from the Pavilion.


Graduation Ceremony: Friday, June 3 at 7:00pm. Graduates need to arrive by 5:30 pm. This will give us time to get everybody checked in, lined up, look for inappropriate items, and get organized. It will also prevent graduates from getting caught in rush hour traffic and being late.

Graduates, please remember this is an important rite of passage. Please treat it as such. No balloons, beach balls, blow-up toys, noisemakers, air horns, silly string, or any object that detracts from the integrity of the event will be permitted. Graduates who bring such items risk their participation in the ceremony. In addition, any misbehavior as defined by the administration before or during the ceremony may result in loss of participation in the ceremony.


Valuables: Please leave valuables at home. Do not bring purses, yearbooks, etc. If your families bring flowers for you, have them hold them until after the ceremony. No balloons allowed! You will not return to your same seat after you receive your diplomas. If your families want to give you leis, they can purchase them from leadership, and they will be available at the Pavilion. 


Dress: Please dress appropriately for the occasion. Remember- we can see your shoes and pants beneath your gown; make sure you consider this when picking out your outfits. Be mindful of your shoe heights (stilettos, very high heels), we walk down several flights of stairs, and you will walk down very steep stairs after receiving your diploma. We have had students fall.


Decorations: Decorations will only be allowed on caps and may not be higher than an inch. Decorated gowns will be taken away. Any inappropriate caps will also be removed.


Parking: There is a $20.00 charge for parking (this includes graduates)  Graduates will be permitted entry for the 5:30pm report time. The gates will open at 6:00 pm for parent and guest entry. Please let the attendant know if you need handicapped parking when you enter. 


Diplomas: Diplomas will be awarded after the ceremony in a room behind the stage.


Fines:  Remember, all fines and debts must be cleared to ensure receiving your diploma. Please make sure all your books are turned in to the IMC and clear all of your sports fines with Ms. Zielinski. We will hold diplomas, certificates of completion, and transcripts if you have a fine or debt. There will be a final list of outstanding items handed out at rehearsal, please listen carefully when names are read. The treasurer and IMC will be available for a limited time at school to clear fines.


Final Transcripts: Final transcripts request forms are available outside of the registrar’s office. Forms must be completed with the correct address of the school you are attending. Transcripts will be mailed in the third week of June.