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Mandy Loushin is proud to serve as the director of the dance department, with three levels of dance available to students, all with A-G approval for Fine Arts credit.

Dance I focuses on basic technique and terminology, and exposes students to all styles of dance, from salsa to jazz. Students may take Dance I for PE or Fine Arts credit.

Dance II advances into even more genres of dance, reviewing the basics from Dance I and refining technique along the way. Students will be introduced to choreography techniques and asked to work in groups several times throughout the year to put together pieces within the style of study at the time. Students take Dance II after successfully completing Dance I, or with instructor approval. Dance II may be taken for PE or Fine Arts Credit.

Dance III is by audition or instructor approval only, and is the performance class on campus. Students are expected and given the opportunity to perform in rallies, assemblies, Carols by Candlelight, the Love Show, and the Dance III Showcase at the end of the year. Students work together in groups to choreograph many of the pieces throughout the year, and it is a great opportunity for the student artist to find their voice. Dance III may be taken for PE or Fine Arts credit.