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Support Staff

Office Staff
Contact Eugenia Behar  Eugenia Behar (925) 685-8414 ex: 3601 Office Manager
Contact Joyce Hsi  Joyce Hsi (925) 685-8414 ex: 3643 Director of Food Services
Contact Sheryl Mansell  Sheryl Mansell (925) 685-8414 ex: 3608 VP Secretary
Contact Albert Peters  Albert Peters (925) 685-8414 ex: 3623 IMC
Contact Maurine Ridings  Maurine Ridings (925) 685-8414 ex: 3618 Treasurer
Contact Janine Santos  Janine Santos (925) 685-8414 ex: 3625 College and Career Center
Contact Karin Smith  Karin Smith (925) 685-8414 ex: 3617 Registrar
Contact Kim Tutino  Kim Tutino (925) 685-8414 ex: 3626 Secretary
Special Education Services
Contact Danielle Wilson  Danielle Wilson Staff
Wellness Center
Contact Vivica Taylor  Vivica Taylor (925) 685-8414 ex: 3656 Head Social Worker, Wellness Center Coordinator
Community Service Liaison
Contact Jenny Guirola  Jenny Guirola (925) 685-8414 ex: 3610 Community School Coordinator
After School Program
Contact Janelle Bicomong  Janelle Bicomong Staff
Contact Carlo Navarrete  Carlo Navarrete 92566858414 ex: 3652 Academic Counselor All Juniors and 10th Goo-Pem
Contact Linda Ruiz  Linda Ruiz (925) 685-8414 ex: 3651 Academic Counselor All Seniors and 10th Pen-Z
Contact Tatum Stockard  Tatum Stockard (925) 685-8414 ex: 3653 Academic Counselor All 9th Grade and 10th graders A-Gon
Contact Amy Kumar  Amy Kumar (925) 685-8414 ex: 3628 Librarian
Contact Ann McCollough  Ann McCollough (925) 685-8414 ex: 3611 Student Resource Technician, SARB/SART Coordinator
Contact Officer Reed  Officer Reed Student Resource Officer
Contact Corissa Stobing  Corissa Stobing (925) 685-8414 ex: 2602 Director of Activities, EL Secondary Support Teacher
Contact Carissa Weintraub  Carissa Weintraub (925) 685-8414 ex: 3655 IB Coordinator