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PTSA Board Members


President: Alex Hernandez

Vice President-Membership: Leticia Hinojosa

Treasurer: Jima Monson

Secretary: Carissa Weintraub

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Ygnacio Valley High School PTSA

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Reimbursement/Payment Authorization Form

Print and complete this form to request reimbursement or payment authorization.  Bring the form and attach receipts to the next PTSA or place them in the PTSA mailbox in the office.

PTSA Letterhead

PTSA Letterhead

1. What is PTSA?

PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association. PTSA is a volunteer association where parents, educators, students, and other citizens can be active in their schools and communities. The purpose of PTSA is to promote  the welfare of children and youth at home, school and throughout the community.

2. What does it mean "to join PTSA"?

Our goal is to create a relationship through collaboration with students, families, schools and the community.We provide provide the following in order to promote student success:

  •  Provide scholarships to our Senior students
  •  Provide scholarship for student field trips.
  •  Provide teachers with monetary support all related to school activities or programs
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • Funding for Grad Night

3. How do we know that PTSA money is really being used for our children?

Any parent is welcome to participate in any PTA event. Our records are not confidential and we would be glad to explain PTSA money distribution to anyone.

4. Can anyone volunteer and help at school?

Yes. We welcome anyone who can assist us!

5. Do PTSA members get paid when working at the schools?

No. PTSA members volunteer their time, and we welcome anyone who is willing to assist them. Our parents work very hard to fundraise for special programs at Ygnacio Valley High School.

6. Can anyone become a member?

Yes. Anyone, including students, can be a PTSA member.

7. Do we have to volunteer in the school to be a member?

No. You are NOT REQUIRED to volunteer any time for our events and/or fundraising. We appreciate your assistance, but you are absolutely NOT required to do so.

8. How do I become a member?

You can fill out an enrollment envelope attached to the first-day packet, online form, pick a form up at the office and return it to the school office or pay online at the Totem link below.

Join YVHS PTSA through TOTEM!

We are now accepting online memberships! The Join PTA page for Ygnacio Valley High School PTSA is here:

  • Be the first to use electronic membership to join your PTA and share.
  • Post the link on your social media telling people you joined and how easy it was. Ask them to join and spread the word. Use #JoinPTA and #PTA4Kids in all your social sharing.

New members who visit this link will be able to join securely, pay with the method of their choice, and access member benefits instantly.

Thank you for support our YVHS PTSA! 



2nd Mondays of each month 7-8:30 PM in room 210/212

Sept 12, 2022
Oct 10, 2022
Nov 14, 2022
Dec 12, 2022
January 9, 2023
February 13, 2023
March 13, 2023
April 10, 2023
May 8, 2023

PTA Family Resources PTA Recursos para Familias

PTA & Other Resources

Multicultural-Calendar-2021(PTA).pdf (PDF)

LGBTQ-glossary(PTA).pdf (PDF)

 hate-uncycled-student-toolkit.pdf (PDF)

Healthier Generation Resource Self Care.pdf (PDF)

Healthier Generation Resource Espanol-Cuidado Personal.pdf (PDF)