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YV Teachers

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MDUSD Email Protocol

When contacting employees of MDUSD via email, all addresses are formatted using the same protocol:

Faculty Contact List

Below is a listing of our distinguished faculty. While our backgrounds and interests are varied, our commitment to our students is shared. 

Name Email Phone Extension Bio
Alvarico, Joseph                     
Antonio, Lucy antoniol@mdusd.og    
Beals, Dorothy      
Belga, Doug      
Bolles, John      
Box, Sammy      
Box, Tabatha      
Brown, Jessica L.      
Butticci, Elizabeth      
Carpol, Lauren      
Csukas, Liz      
Edwards, Omar      
Flanagan-Schmidt, Julia      
Forney, Doug      
Forney, Janet      
Fournier, Guilliaume      
Garcia, Michael      
Garcia Islas, Sam      
Haley, Jason      
Hopper, Samantha      
Hubbell, Andy      
Jones, Melike      
Kong, William      
Kumar, Amy      
Loar, Christie      
Lucas, Ray      
Lyon, Jim      
Marcelo, Farrah      
Martinez, Salvador      
McGonagle, Jon      
Myette, Lisa      
Nassrallah, Veronica      
Navarro, Emanuel      
Nukala, Anil      
Ortiz, Cesar      
Owen, Mark      
Palmer, Thatcher      
Perkins, Kelly      
Persik, Miraluna      
Ramirez, Rosaura      
Remer, Norman      
Ridley, Jonathan      
Roth, Sally      
Shaw, Bryan      
Shipchandler, Alefia      
Simmons, Clifford      
Streeter, George      
Swenson, Dave      
Telles, Noah      
Tran, Mark      
Turrin, Christina      
Visaya, Alejandro      
Wagner, Rebecca      
Watts, Kawika      
Wimmer, Jocelyn      
Wynn, Gowan      
Yocum, Mark