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Support Staff

Office Staff

Behar, Eugenia (925) 685-8414 ex.3601 Office Manager
Heinzmann, Deb (925) 685-8414 ex.3611 Student Resource Technician
Hsi, Joyce (925) 685-8414 ex.3643 Director of Food Services
Knighten, Raychael (925) 685-8414 ex.3628 Librarian
Mansell, Sheryl (925) 685-8414 ex.3608 VP Secretary
Moore, Melinda (925) 685-8414 ex.3605 Attendance Secretary
Peters, Albert (925) 685-8414 ex.3623 IMC
Ridings, Maurine (925) 685-8414 ex.3618 Treasurer
Santos, Janine (925) 685-8414 ex.3625 College and Career Center
Smith, Karin (925) 685-8414 ex.3617 Registrar
Tutino, Kim (925) 685-8414 ex.3626 Secretary


Millman, Officer Matt (925) 685-8414 ex.3606 School Resource Officer
Robinson, Sasha (925) 685-8414 ex.2205 Instructional Coach- Secondary Teacher on Special Assignment
Stephens, Eric (925) 685-8414 ex.3658 Network Technician I
Stobing, Corissa (925) 685-8414 ex.3602 ELD Coordinator, Leadership Teacher

Special Education Services

Harrington, Danielle (925) 685-8414 ex.3614 School Psychologist
Villalpando, Jen (925) 685-8414 ex.3613 School Psychologist

Community Service Liaison

Guirola, Jenny (925) 685-8414 ex.3610 Community Service Liaison

After School Program

Monzon, Allyn (925) 685-8414 ex.2202 After School Program (CARES)


Arroyo, Pedro (925) 685-8414 ex.3651 Counselor
Navarette, Carlo (925) 685-8414 ex.3652 Counselor
Stockard, Tatum Counselor