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Italian American Federation Scholarship



Italian American Federation of the East Bay, Inc.

Scholarship Application



The purpose of the Italian American Federation is to unify the Italian American community and re-establish closer ties with our Italian heritage.  One of its principle and most cherished activities is the presentation of scholarship awards assigned to a number of promising Italian American students selected from the schools of our community.


1.The Italian American Federation will award scholarships for students graduating in 2016.

2.Applicants must be of Italian ancestry graduating from a high school within the East Bay – or – a graduating student directly related to (son, daughter or grandchild) a member in good standing of an Italian Club represented by the Italian American Federation of the East Bay, Inc.

3.Graduating seniors seeking to further his/her education by obtaining a higher degree such as AA, BA, BS, or Certificated from a Trade or Vocational School.

4.Applications must be completed by the applicant and given to the school principal or authorized faculty adviser, who must send it to the Scholarship Committee together with a transcript of grades certifying the scholastic standing, school activity record and character of the candidate. 

a.Applications and all supporting documents noted above must be received by the Scholarship Committee no later than March 15, 2016.

5.Applicants will be evaluated and judged on the following factors:

a.Their scholastic record.

b.Their activity and other evidence of leadership and character.

c.Recommendations of faculty.

d.A personal statement by applicant of his/her goals and Italian heritage must be attached.

6.Results of the competition will be announced in April.  Judging will be done by the Scholarship CommitteeThe committee looks forward to honoring the recipients in person at the Annual Scholarship Dinner.


NOTE:  Additional applications may be found on our website:

(Revised 2015 for 2016 Graduates)





Mail Applications to:  IAF c/o Toni Alstad, 18 Greyfell Pl., Pleasant Hill, CA. 94523


Graduating Seniors of Italian Ancestry are eligible for this scholarship (The contents of this application are confidential)

The following information must be included and attached with the completed application:

A.Transcript of applicant’s scholastic record; a letter certifying rank in graduating class; activity record; and, a character reference letter from applicant’s principal or faculty adviser.

B.A personal statement by applicant of his/her goals and Italian heritage.

(If selected for a scholarship a wallet sized photograph will be requested. A copy photo of your graduation picture is preferred.  Instructions for mailing or sending via email will be included in your letter of congratulations.)

Additional comments may be made on back of this form

Application must be received by March 15, 2016 to the above address with all required documentation.

I hereby apply for the academic scholarship presented annually by the Italian American Federation of the East Bay, Inc.  I have enclosed all documents as required.


Name: _______________________________ Signature__________________________________

Birth Date: __________________________ Tel No: _________________  email_______________

Home Address: ___________________________   City: ______________________ Zip Code:______

High School:________________________Address:_________________________Zip Code:______

Name & address of father or guardian:_________________________________________________

Name & address of mother: _________________________________________________________

Father’s Occupation:_________________________Mother’s Occupation:_____________________

Italian Ancestry:___________________________________________________________________

What extracurricular activities do you participate in? _________________________________________

What school do you plan to attend:_______________________________________________________

Major or principle study:_____________________________________________________________

Signature of parent or guardian:_________________________________________________________

(Revised 2015 for 2016 Graduates)