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Ygnacio Valley High School is a “CLOSED CAMPUS”. If you need to take your student out of school during the school day for any reason, please call 685-8414 ext. 3605 at least 2 hours before pick up time or you may call the day before.  

Illness – If a student is sick and needs to go home, please have the student come to the attendance office and we will call the parent or legal guardian for permission to leave school and issue a permit.

Emergencies - If you have an emergency that requires your student to leave school without 2 hours prior notice, please come to the Attendance Office in person with your photo identification.  The office will issue a permit to leave school. Please allow plenty of time to pick up your student. Add an extra 30 minutes if your student is in P.E. class, as your student will need to change their clothes and get their back pack in the locker room.



Students who need to leave during the school day MUST have a PERMIT TO LEAVE otherwise the absence is considered a TRUANT.  A parent cannot call in to excuse the absence after the fact.



  • Parents/Guardians may call 24 hours a day to request a PERMIT TO LEAVE and at least 2 hours in advance (otherwise come to the Attendance Office in person)
  • Call 685- 8414 ext. 3605
  • Name of student and spelling of last name
  • Person calling and relationship to student
  • Date and time student needs to leave
  • Reason for absence (be brief, please)
  • How the student will leave school and/or who will pick up the student
  • Your phone/cell number for questions and verification

Attendance Policies


Attending classes and completing assignments are the most important contributing factors for success in school. Students should be held accountable for their attendance and their assignments. Communicating the importance of attending classes and completing assignments is the responsibility of all adults working with students


Closed Campus

Once students have arrived at school, they are to remain on campus for the entire school day, unless they have a legal permit to leave school or have a limited schedule. TO LEAVE ANY TIME, INCLUDING BRUNCH OR LUNCH, WITHOUT A PERMIT TO LEAVE, IS CONSIDERED A "TRUANT". Students must secure permission to leave school through the school Attendance Office. A written request should be presented. When there is no written parent request, the school is required to get parent approval by phone. Absences resulting from leaving without permission cannot later be excused.




Absence from School

All absences will be cleared by telephone. Absences must be cleared within 72 hours or they will be marked truant.

Permits To Leave

Whenever possible, appointments should be made outside of school hours. It is important for students to be in school, even if it is a partial day. A student must have a permit to leave campus prior to leaving. Anyone who leaves campus without first obtaining a permit will be considered truant.

Parents/Guardians coming to the campus to pick up their student or wishing to speak to their student will be required to present a photo ID to the Attendance Office Secretary. Also, the parent/guardian must be listed on the student’s emergency card in order to have access to the student.

Tardy Policy

A student is tardy when he/she is not in the classroom when the bell stops ringing. Tardiness becomes disruptive for a teacher when he/she must stop teaching or restart the lesson because of late students.

At the beginning of the year, the teacher, both verbally and in writing, may inform students that participation points may be deducted from the daily grade for tardiness. When tardiness becomes a detriment to the student's academic work, the teacher will contact the parent by telephone, letter, or progress report. Points may continue to be deducted from the student's grade.

When the student's tardiness is deemed excessive, the student will be referred to the Vice Principal’s office for disciplinary action. Clearly it is the responsibility of the student to check with the teacher to make sure that an "absence" is changed to a "tardy" whenever a student comes in late for whatever reason. Please monitor your Homelink account on a regular basis.


Students out of class after the tardy bell without a pass are subject to disciplinary action.

Classification of Absences

Parents still need to notify the school after student absences. The office needs to know the reason for student absences in order to identity truant students and to record whether the absence can be excused. When absences are excused, student may make up work that was missed. Under state law and board policy, reasons for excusing a student absence will include:


Excused Absences :

  1. Illness or injury of the student, or serious illness which necessitates the absence of the student.
  2. Student attendance at a medical, dental, optometry, or chiropractic appointment.
  3. Student attendance at the funeral service of an immediate family member.
  4. Quarantine imposed by a city or county health official.
  5. Student service on a jury.
  6. Up to five days to obtain required immunizations.
  7. Exclusion from school due to head lice, lack of immunization, or physical examination.
  8. Appearance in court.
  9. Observance of a holiday or ceremony of his/her religion.
  10. Employment interview or conference.

Unexcused :

Absences not having official school approval (such as vacation, personal business, oversleeping, transportation difficulties, etc.). Work may be made up at the discretion of the teacher.



An absence not approved by parent or by the school. Student may or may not make up work at the discretion of the teacher.


Administrative :

Indicates that student has been suspended for disciplinary reasons. Student may make up work at the discretion of the teacher.

To have a student's absence excused, parents/guardians will need to contact the school staff within a 72-hour period following the student's return to school. Students who have un-cleared absences or do not clear within the 72 hours may be denied make-up work. It is the student's responsibility to see that his/her absences are cleared with the Attendance Office.



Extended Absences


Make-up Work

Upon returning to school after an absence, a student should consult his teacher regarding work that he has missed. These assignments should be made up as soon as possible within the parameters set by the teacher. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. It is the parents' responsibility to notify teachers of anticipated extended absences. Students must discuss make-up work with their teachers before an extended absence. Students do not have the right to make up work when absence is due to suspension. Individual teachers have the option to accept or not accept make up work during suspension.


Request for Assignments

Students who will be absent for five or more days may call the Vice Principal’s Office 685-8414

Ext. 3608 for homework assignments. This does not apply to students who are suspended.


Agreement For Short Term Independent Study

Periodically, students have short term travel opportunities or other circumstances which prevent them from attending school. Such students may be placed on Independent Study contracts for the time period of their absence. Students must be attending school before requesting an Independent Study contract and must be absent a minimum of 5 days. Contact the Attendance Office for details.


Home and Hospital

Home and Hospital instruction is initiated by a request from the parent. The Home and Hospital program is designed to provide temporary help to maintain a student’s academic standing during a time of illness or other temporary disability. Parents may apply for home instruction the first day their child is absent from school. Students must have a medical or psychological condition, verified by a doctor’s signature on the Home and Hospital Medical or Psychiatric Referral form. Forms are available on the MDUSD website or the Attendance Office. Completed referral forms signed by a doctor are returned to the YVHS Registrar for processing.

Clearing Absences

Parents or Legal Guardians (no siblings) must excuse absences within 72 hours (weekends and holidays don’t count). Please call the 24-hour attendance line 685-8414 ext.3605 (follow the prompt instructions) to report your student’s absence. If you call after 3:00 p.m. the absence will not be cleared until the next day. You may also send in a note with your student upon the student’s return.

For efficiency’s sake please use the following format when reporting an absence:

  • Students’ name/grade (spell last name please)
  • Date(s) of absence (all day or periods)
  • Reason for absence (very brief please)
  • Your relationship to student (Parent or Legal Guardian making the call)
  • Day time phone/cell number

Automated phone calls are made every night starting at 6:30 p.m. You will also receive an e-mail for the same absence if you have provided your e-mail address. If your student is missing from one period, chances are he/she was marked absent by mistake or went to class late. The student must come to the Attendance Office and obtain a Y.V.H.S. Attendance Change Form to be completed by the teacher for each period where attendance was reported incorrectly. Please do not call to report that it is a mistake as no action will be taken by this office. The student and teacher have to resolve and clear the absence.

If your student is late to school in the morning because of an appointment or is not feeling well in the morning, please call 685-8414, ext. 3605 to report. You may also send a note with your student. Your student then needs to check in with the Attendance Office to get an Admit To Class slip. No admit slips are issued to students if a parent hasn’t contacted this Attendance Office.  Also, if your child has a Medical or Dental appointments that causes you student to be late for school, please be sure to ask for an excuse slip from that provider. The excuse slip must be brought to the Attendance Office upon arrival to school.



TO CLEAR AN ABSENCE Parents or Legal Guardians please call:

  • Call 685-8414 ext. 3605
  • Please speak slowly giving the following information:
  • Name of student and spelling of last name
  • Give the Grade level
  • Person calling and the relationship to the student
  • Date of absence and periods absent
  • Reason for absence (be brief please)
  • Phone number where you can be reached